Triple-Dog-Dare and the Ice Bucket Challenge

Do you remember when you were a child and somebody "double-dog-dared" you? It meant that if you would do whatever deed the "dare" involved the "darer" would do it too. And if it was a "triple-dog-dare" then well, you supposedly had no alternative but to comply. I blogged about the reasons for why I would not participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the other day. My primary reasons were that this had become an event of peer pressure and a level of "one-upmanship" -- could I do the challenge in a way that would get me more "hits" or "likes" on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or the like. Furthermore, people, who actually donated and didn't just throw ice water over their head so they could post a video, weren't donating because they actually understood the disease, the association, or how the money was used. They were donating because of a "triple-dog-dare." ..»
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