Bitcoin now attracting world's 'deepest pool of capital' - This is a 'HUGE deal'

Earlier this week, market analysts were stunned when the 170-year-old insurance company Mass Mutual invested $100 million (£76 million) in bitcoin. Billionaire Mike Novogratz remarked that it was the most important news for bitcoin this year. On Thursday Mr Novogratz tweeted: "An insurance company buys bitcoin for its general account.

"This needs fed approval. It's a HUGE deal".

Insurance companies are usually conservative with their acquisitions but they are now looking at holding bitcoin as a way to increase their yield on investments.

Speaking to, bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser said: "Insurance company money is the most conservative and deepest pool of capital in the world.

"Now that Mass Mutual has made it okay for these companies to invest in bitcoin, the floodgates have opened even wider than they did when Paul Tudor Jones and Michael Saylor started putting billions into bitcoin."

Mass Mutual also invested $5 million (£3.78 million) in an equity stake in US Digital Investments Group.

Digital Investments Group has said it is "dedicated to bitcoin".

The price of bitcoin has surged 177 percent this year.

The news from the insurance industry comes as business intelligence group MicroStrategy reinforced its investment in Bitcoin.

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