Dogecoin price: How many dogecoin are there?

So far, some 113 billion dogecoin have already been mined.

In this regard, dogecoin somewhat resembles fiat currencies issued by central banks.

Jackson Palmer, who co-created the token, said in 2014 the decision was made to keep about 100 billion dogecoin in circulation.

He said: "Based on everyone’s feedback, we’ve decided to leave the Dogecoin code base as it was originally released, and not implement a change.

"The goal for the currency is to keep approximately 100 billion coins in circulation - thus after 100 billion Dogecoin are created, rewards will continue at 10,000 each block.

"This will help maintain mining and stabilize the number of coins in circulation (considering lost wallets and various other ways coins may be destroyed) at 100 billion."

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