Ethereum price may hit $20,000 by 2025 - analysts predict ETH is 'next on people's lists'

Some of the panel's experts, however, have taken a much more bullish outlook.

Sarah Bergstrand, COO of BitBull Capital thinks ETH could break the £70,710 ($100,000) barrier by 2025.

She said: "We are likely to see major upgrades to the Ethereum network this year, and those can be expected to push their price higher."

As with all cryptocurrencies, of course, there are risks and you should never blindly invest your money.

Some 24 percent of the panel said there is a threat to ETH posed by the concentration of its present ownership - 55 percent said this poses a moderate risk and 18 percent only consider this a low risk.

And 62 percent of the panel said Ethereum is threatened by other smart contract blockchain technologies that could draw away users.

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