Shiba Inu cryptocurrency price: How high will Shiba Inu go? Is it really the Doge killer?

Speaking to, founder of Traders of Crypto Antony Portno explained the hype around SHIB overtaking Doge will likely be short-lived.

Mr Portno said: “The Shiba Inu coin I one of many new coins to try and take advantage of the Dogecoin hype.

“While Doge was around for many years and has some actual merit as one of the ‘fun coins’, Shiba Inu is a far more manipulative and cynical asset.

“It, again, has no real purpose or use case other than to make the founders money and has been created with a huge supply, allowing for a very low price per coin in the hope that people who don’t understand these things will think it’s cheap relative to Doge.”

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