Boomers on your marks: Roger Black launches new home fitness shop

The move marks a break from the pack for the retired athlete, 55, who for the last 14 years has run his Roger Black Fitness brand through retailer Argos. The latest upgraded range (prices from £159) includes folding and static exercise bikes and treadmills, and a new air rower and cross trainer. 

Recent research has found there is a reluctance among some people to maintain their fitness regime after being vaccinated.  

“Fitness and exercise do not start and stop with a six-pack and an influencer Instagram account,” says Black.

“We are here for everybody - from those with pre-existing health conditions advised to exercise for 20 minutes a day to those who don’t want to expose their bodies for personal or religious reasons, aren’t especially tech savvy or have limited space and want equipment they can fold away.

“The fitness industry has changed over lockdown. I had to decide whether to continue partnering with a retailer or go directly to consumers. I’ve come full circle back to my fitness roots.” 

It has taken £250,000 plus to develop this phase of the business with Black using some of his pension savings and angel investment. The equipment is made in the Far East, but he is keen to explore UK manufacturing options and extend the capsule collection with the introduction of smaller equipment. 

“Our Folding Bike has been upgraded to include a really comfortable seat and the Easy Fold Treadmill is a patented design that folds completely flat on the floor or up against a wall.

“`We need to keep exercising,” he adds. “If Covid has taught us anything it’s you cannot put a price on health.”

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