Crowning glories for all with Watermans’ hair growth range

Integrated trading, merchandising, marketing modules and real time data feeds as well as fraud prevention and translation services are among other benefits being brought together. This is now prompting owners Gail and Matt Waterman to forecast a four-fold increase in sales and a £12million turnover for 2022-2023.

All the brand’s formulations, which include vitamins, herbs, plant proteins and oils promoting hair regrowth, are UK made and developed by the husband-and-wife team and its 10 staff in Rotherham, Yorkshire.  

For Gail and Matt “our plan is to get more distributors throughout the world on board,” they say, “so everyone can benefit from using our products and their unique mix of ancient and modern ingredients for use on all hair types and races. 

“We live in an intensely visual world. The state of someone’s hair has a big impact on how they feel and their confidence. We’re here for anyone who wants thicker looking, stronger, longer hair.”

Ideal complimentary skills – Gail in the hair salon industry and Matt in marketing, plus a shared personal concern about fine and thinning hair led to the company’s launch in 2014. 

With no winning solutions they could see, the pair came up with their own remedy and a shampoo. Its free-from cruelty, sulphate, paraben and palm oil ingredients were founded on an ethos that increasingly customers are looking for and forged the business’s innovation roadmap.

From trials with Gail’s salon clients to Amazon and Boots’ listings and 13 products in its portfolio, Watermans now sells across the world from Europe to Australia and the Far East. 

A perfect fit with Insta and Facebook its social media community numbers tens of thousands and a bottle of its most popular Grow Me shampoo (£13.95) shifts every 30 seconds. Customers are currently mainly women aged 25 to 65 buying for themselves and men.

It was THG which took the initiative and suggested the partnership. 

“All our investment has come from our own savings and working every hour possible. We get a lot of inquiries from the US and Malaysia. This collaboration can now maximise that and allow us more time to be creative,” says Gail.

The business also donates bottles of its Grow Me shampoo to chemo units across the UK. “We always put people before profits,” declare Gail and Matt,  for whom working in a business together is one of the best things that could ever have happened.

“We are soul mates,” they say. “Our thinking always reflects that. Our aim is to be a household brand.”

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