Crypto investing: Which cryptocurrencies are the most volatile? THREE risky tokens


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency supreme and the only one on the market to pass the five-figure benchmark.

According to Coindesk, people can pick one up right now for $32,676.26 (£23,439.01).

But this is what makes it the most volatile on the market, as investors have to buy in with amounts exceeding many people's total life savings.

Bitcoin's current price markedly dropped from $40,349.51 (£28,942.39) last Tuesday.

As it stands, people who invested last week would have lost more than £5,000.

And anyone who invested as it recouped some value on June 20 - when it reached $35,812.52 (£25,688.68) - would have lost more than £3,000.

The token's overall value shifts on a whim and notably dropped following an announcement from Tesla CEO Elon Musk that his company would no longer accept it as payment for one of their vehicles.

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